Nadesh is glad to devote a very special cherishing to Aesthetics, being inspired by the fulfillment of Ayurveda principles combined with natural techniques taken from crystals and aromatherapy.

As it is for Health concept, also Beauty has to be considered as the reflection of harmony in body, mind and soul and the balance of “Doshas” (Vata, Pitta, Kapha), the bio-energies that govern the physiological processes of our entire body.
The aesthetic treatments will consequently act on the origins of imbalance by means of a natural cosmetics made of herbs, flours, essential oils, stones and crystals, and by any means Nature offers to care for Beauty and for the creation of special Holistic Rituals.

What kind of skin are you?
Vata: Ether-Air element. Skin seams cold and dry, dehydrated, cracked, with dark circles and visible veins, early wrinkles.
Vata stones: hematite, smoky quartz, garnet, yellow topaz, mokaite, magnesite, aventurine, citrine, amber, pink quartz

Pitta: Fire-Water element. Skin seams warm and humid, soft, sensitive, light , with freckles, reddens easily and has a remarkable predisposition to rashes, acne, dermatitis, couperose.
Stone for pitta: pink quartz, amethyst, fluorite, hyaline quartz, white opal, chalcedony, aventurine, sodalite, pearl, emerald, jade, amber.

Kapha: Water-Earth element. Skin appears cold and wet, thick, greasy, with enlarged pores, seborrheic, with microcysts, comedones, edemas.
Kapha stones: red jasper, pomegranate, ruby, tiger eye, tourmaline quartz, citrine.


Mukhabyangham: 60 min Facial treatment including cleansing with steam massage, natural peeling and herbal mask, all customized according to face skin type and to Constitution.

Royal Mukhabyangham: 90 min with preliminary spine massage and warm wraps with essential oils. This will prepare the body to receive facial treatment in a more effective way.

Crystal-Face-Marma Therapy: 35 min A light cleansing will prepare the skin for an oiling treatment and the massage with crystals will become the tool for treating and stimulating the reflexological areas of the face. This treatment has a calming, pacifying and relaxing effect on skin and mind.


Amber Ubatan 60 min: a typical Indian Ritual for Honeymooners to purify the body and open up to the new life. An ayurvedic peeling enriched with Baltic Amber, a stone of vegetable origin rich in “succinic acid”. A treatment specially suitable for Vata and Pitta Types, thanks to its anti-inflammatory and regenerating properties on the nervous system, but also excellent for a Kapha Type for its energizing effects.
The treatment starts with a footbath in an aromatic decoction of Himalayan salt, herbs and crystals and goes along with a dermal massaging with a blend of powdered amber, mixed to a selection of flours and herbs suitable for the skin type.

Amber Body Massage: A massage with wrapping, rhythmic and relaxing manual massage, suitable for states of stress or tension and muscle pain, made with amber oil and final laying of hot bundles with amber nuggets on specific areas of the body.

ShiroAbyangham: Head massage with brahmi oil or a blend of essential oils suitable to detoxify the skin and stimulate circulation, followed by a wrap with hot or fresh towels to nourish the hair and tone the mind, giving a sense of greater calm and lucidity.

Padabyangham o Hastabyangham:  Footbath or aromatic handbath + honey-based scrub with sugar or clay and hand or feet reflex massage with oil or ghee.

Corinne Santamaria:

After the Bachelor in Communication, she left for India. A journey that opened the door for a new life dimension. Once she came back, she started with Ayurveda and completed the three-year studies for the achievement and award of the RME and ASCA certification as Ayurvedic therapist. She has always been a lover for whatever is just natural, and she applied her knowledge especially within beauty and wellness centers, developing the Ayurvedic approach also towards beauty rituals. Corinne is not only an Ayurveda Therapist but also an AFF graduate Flower Therapist, studies Astrology and is an expert in Crystal therapy and Aroma therapy.

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