Vata is governed by Ether and Air Elements; Hearing and Touch are the relating Senses concerned.

If you are a Vata Type, you most certainly are a person who loves talking, maybe you are even a fast talker, you definitely like communicating and make new friends easily.

These characteristics are related to the Sound that comes in close contact with your Hearing. You should have no difficulty learning foreign languages and your memory is most likely auditory.

Air, the second element that identifies Vata: according to its very nature, Air is mobile, unstable, leads you to be attracted from novelties and keeps your way of thinking young.

Sometimes, this continuous desire of following new horizons prevents you from completing started projects and this makes you feel a little frustrated.

The body perceives Air through the skin, the sensory organ of Touch. You bear an excellent talent in Touch feeling and the artistic expression thereof could be a modeling or massage attitude.

These elements, once their energy get imbalanced, could lead to some disorders inside your body like intestinal gases and joints dryness.

Air does not allow you to retain heat and this makes you sensitive to coldness.

On a mental level, a mess in these elements could make you feel some discomfort, thoughts may run fast by giving you a sense of insecurity, which, if neglected, would lead to a state of anxiety.

A few tips to rebalance your qualities whenever they run out of balance:

  • Yoga is a practice that enhances elasticity in your body and Pranayama, a breathing practice, calms your mind and instills warmth throughout your body.
  • Listen to relaxing music and satisfy your need for knowledge by reading books and attending courses.
  • Your food should be warm, full-bodied and greasy. As you don’t like large quantities, you can easily have up to five meals a day. Try to satisfy your aim for food variety with intriguing menus, but seek to always eat at the same time.


Pitta is governed by Fire and Water Elements; Sight and Taste are the relating Senses concerned.

If you are a Pitta Type, you most certainly are a fascinating person, with a great charisma and sharp eyes.

Sight is your protagonist Sense; people feel sometimes a little frightened at your presence and by your deep critical sense.

The Fire Element shows its characteristics also through your capability to focus, to well organize your life (and you would like to organize other’s life too…).

But, on an emotional level, your inner Fire could manifest a messy energy through irritability, as if you were always ready to blow up like a fuse. When you are out of balance you get angry very easily. You’re emotional and you can’t always control yourself.

You seek for professional fulfillment, for achieving the desired successes and getting an adequate approval; all this is more important to you than money.

On a physical level, disorders in your inner Fire can bring out gastritis, ulcers, colitis, laryngitis and pharyngitis.

The heat within your body can stream into the head area and become the origin of severe headaches.

A few tips to rebalance your qualities whenever they run are out of balance:

  • Take some walks in the middle of nature, focusing on the perception of fresh air and appreciating that greenery feeling filling your eyes.
  • Do regular meditation.
  • Your food should be fresh, dairy products are fine, including fresh cheese, you can use an olive oil seasoning as long as it is not too acidic.
  • The sweet taste has a soothing effect on your character, a sweetness that definitely has not to be confused with the taste of a fantastic slice of cake.

Your nature leads you to get an intense appetite; try to eat calmly and surround yourself with people who are not irritating you but have a good and sweet character.


Kapha is governed by Water and Earth Elements; Taste and Smell are the relating Senses concerned

If you are a Kapha Type, you most certainly are a sweet, accommodating and helpful person.

The Water Element is related to motherhood and manifests its attitude with a strong sense of responsibility and protection towards other people.

Very often these qualities make an easy prey out of you, and it isn’t unusual that someone tries to take advantage from you at home or at work.

Taste is very important to you: you like food, especially the sweet tasting one. Even if you are not a ravenous person and don’t like eating large quantities, you enjoy a good dinner.

As Water deeply flows through the smallest gap, you know how to be very insightful, you like to deepen all things and personalities around you.

The Earth Element shows its influence with a sense of stability and firmness in all of your decisions. Even your words are never too many, and those one you say always have a weight.

But when the Earth Element runs out of balance, you can experience a sense of heaviness and laziness.

Further, an imbalance of the Water Element, can inhibit your digestive Fire and cause slow digestion. You may suffer from colds or have the tendency to store mucus.

A few tips to rebalance your qualities whenever they run out of balance:

  • Take a physical activity, especially in the morning, it will give you a good boost and make you feel full of energy.
  • Try to take a walk after lunch, it will help your digestion.
  • Surround yourself with cheerful persons, who live with a certain bright lightness and know how to appreciate your qualities, but avoid hypercritical people who undermine your self-esteem.
  • Your food should be light and stimulating; spices will help you to strengthen the digestive fire.
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