Our treatments are recognized by the best Health Insurance Companies. As each Supplementary Sickness Fund only recognizes just certain operators and/or certain types of treatment, we kindly invite you to contact your Sickness Fund for verification before starting treatments, providing them with the name of the therapist, RCC number and kind of treatment you selected in order to make sure that your Fund recognizes them.  So, you will be sure to get refunded.

Vata abhyanga

A Full Body Ayurvedic warming-up massage, suitable for dissolving contractures and relieving tensions and pain from the musculoskeletal system.  Nourishes skin, softens tissues, improves blood flow and joints flexibility, gives stability to the mind, brings full force.  It’s a rejuvenating and refreshing treatment.

Pitta abhyanga

A Full Body Ayurvedic refreshing massage, improves digestion, brings relaxation by calming the mind, releases irritability and the excess of heat inside the body.

Kapha abhyanga

A Full Body Ayurvedic draining massage, useful in case of fluid retention and for losing weight. Excellent drainage, improves blood circulation, reduces fat deposits, wakens up the physical and mental level. It provides a good vitality and lightens up thoughts.

Trattamento ayurvedico Angabhyanga


A Partial Body Ayurvedic massage, used for a specific treatment of just certain parts of the body: head & face treatment, backside treatment, legs treatment, feet treatment, arms & hands treatment.

Trattamento ayurvedico Shirodhara

Shiro dhara

A deep relaxing Ayurvedic treatment, in which the person, lying on a bed, receives a lukewarm oil treatment that slowly flows down on the front from a special made ampoule. The perception for the receiver is a head caressing, thoughts stop and the mind enters into a timeless and thoughtless dimension.


Trattamento ayurvedico Pinda Swedana

Pinda Swedana, Patrapotali, Navarakizhi

It’s a dabbing treatment with small heated bundles of Ayurvedic medical herbs, rice and powders. The contact will be “hot and humid” or “hot and dry”, depending on the type of treatment chosen. It will be preceded by a vigorous and warming-up massage, which will promote the release of toxins from the body, granting pain relief and calming effects.

Trattamento ayurvedico Pathu


Application of a fresh blended cream realized with powdered Ayurvedic herbs; promotes pore and skin cleansing.

Trattamento ayurvedico Neerabhyanga


A delicate and light Ayurvedic draining massage with medical oil; promotes toxins release.

Trattamento ayurvedico Muriabhyanga


An Ayurvedic treatment to ease the decontracting of muscles and joints. Releases tension and fatigue.
The perception of this treatment is a pleasant relaxing feeling but at the same time a deep renewal of energies. Great for those who practice sports.


Trattamento ayurvedico Swedana


It means “fomentation” , namely “sweating”. It is like a steam bath carried out through a specific ayurvedic technique which aims to favor the sweat out of toxins through a particular sweating procedure. In the meanwhile, head is never subject to sweating as it is important that, according to the ayurvedic principles, it always stays fresh.

Trattamento ayurvedico Katu Basti

Katu basti, Chakra basti, Hridaya basti

It is an Ayurvedic treatment in which a ring-shaped dough, filled with hot oil, is applied on some parts of the body (sacral area, abdomen, chest). The aim is to let the medical oil be deeply adsorbed in the treated area in order to soothe pain, reduce the inflammation by releasing its effects also on the relevant energetical level.

Trattamento ayurvedico Karna Netra e Nasya

Karna, Netra e Nasya

Ayurvedic treatment that takes care of all organs of sense, ears, eyes and nose.
It is of fundamental importance to take care of all entrance doors of the body in order to better relate with the surrounding world through clean channels.

Trattamento ayurvedico Udwartana


A specific Ayurvedic treatment that dries and drains thanks the ayurvedic powdered herbs, handed out all over the body through the massage. It lightens and warms up, by leaving the skin soft and smooth. It acts on the fatty cells by dissolving them. The whole-body benefits greatly.

Trattamento ayurvedico Snehana


A four-hands Ayurvedic treatment. The meaning of this Sanskrit word is “Oiling”, a treatment used in purification practices, that softens body tissues and promotes the disposal of toxins.

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